Appmia Review

In a time as complex as this, it is important to take care and control the content that our children see on the Internet through their cell phones. It is also true that each person’s privacy must be respected, but when they are young it is best to make sure they are watching age-appropriate content and making good use of the phone. Similarly, monitoring the use of a company’s technology devices is essential to ensure that the money invested in them is not being wasted. To help parents and business people, Appmia is launching an application that allows them to know in real time and remotely, the activities that take place in a given cell phone. This app offers you access to practically everything that happens inside the device, but is it really functional? If you are interested in knowing more about the spy application, we invite you to read this article where you will find out how Appmia works and the advantages and disadvantages it has.

What is Appmia

Appmia is a project that was born with the objective of remotely monitoring the activities that take place inside a cell phone. This will help parents, entrepreneurs and business people. Giving them the opportunity to know what happens inside the devices they buy or use. In the case of parents, this is a powerful tool that allows them to control the content their children access from their cell phones. While for entrepreneurs, this type of app becomes a viable and legitimate option to keep track of the proper use of mobile devices provided by the company.

Appmia Features

Like other spy applications, Appmia allows you to receive information about user behavior when using a mobile device. Among the main data that this spy app allows you to obtain are:

  1. Audio of the environment and calls: The application allows you to turn on the microphone anywhere to listen to the sound of the environment in addition to recording all the conversations that you have through phone calls.
  2. Social network chats: Enter the main social networks and find out which people you exchange messages with and which have been your last contacts.
  3. Location of the device at any time: Thanks to the GPS function that comes installed along with the application, you will have access in real time to the location of the cellular device – as long as the GPS of the device is active and working.
  4. Navigation history: Find out which have been the last web pages accessed, application and call history.
  5. Discover the content of all received emails: Scans all the information that has been received on the cell phone through mail networks such as Gmail and Outlook.
  6. View media content: Access all videos, audios, and photos downloaded to your phone.
  7. Control remotely: Among its functions, this app allows you to make changes in the configuration without having access to the “hacked” device -including blocking web pages, applications and even calls that you want to control.
  8. Access voice notes and calendar: Check the user’s schedule and notes. This way, you’ll know a little more about the activities they’ll be doing in the future.
  9. Check the calls that have been made: Appmia offers access to the contact directory and call history. This way, you will know exactly which people your mobile device interacts with.

All the functions provided by Appmia aim to allow full control over the activities that take place within the cell phone.

How Appmia works

Appmia is an application that has developed a powerful code, which allows you to spy and find information quickly and remotely. It has a high compatibility with devices that have the Android and iOS operating system (there are some exceptions), so the only requirement for it to work is that the computer has a recent version of the operating system. If you want to install the application on an Android device you will not have to do any rooting procedures, although if you do you will have access to more information such as WhatsApp and Facebook conversations.
On the other hand, to monitor Apple devices, if it is necessary to perform a jalibreak for Appmia to work properly. Don’t worry, the jalibreak process is very simple, you can find several tutorials on how to do it on the Internet. The installation of the application is a simple process that comes with a configuration that hides the presence of the application from the user, which is why he will never know he is being spied on. Since the monitoring is done remotely, you will only need to have your cell phone at hand when you install the application. Later, you can spy on and hack into the phone without the need for physical access.

How to download and install Appmia

Appmia, is a mobile application that cannot be found inside the official stores of the most popular operating systems (Android and iOS), therefore, a different procedure must be carried out than the common installation of applications:

To download Appmia we start by buying one of the licenses (we will talk about prices later) at This step can be done from the computer, it is not necessary to do it from the cell phone we want to hack.
Now, from the second step on, you need to have the device where we will install the application at hand.

We will start with the rooting process (optional) or jalibreak (depending on the operating system) so that the application can work.
Afterwards, the installation of applications from unknown sources must be activated, following the path: Configuration => Security => Installation from unknown sources. In Android 5.0 or higher you must disable the option “Monitor Device for Security Issues”, to do so repeat the previous procedure and disable the option.
As soon as the download is finished, find the file in the “Downloads” folder and run it to start the installation process.
Wait for the installation process to finish and open the application. Then log in with the account data you created previously. When you log in you will be asked to accept the usage policies and enable some permissions that the app requires in order to work.
Afterwards, you will be asked for an activation code, which you will have to enter to start monitoring the cell phone.
To finish, log in to the account you created from the beginning on the official Appmia website. From there you will have access to all the information on the device.
That’s how easy it is to install Appmia! So it’s time to explain how to use it:

Appmia login

In order to access all the information that the tool collects once it is installed, you need to log in with the data that we created in the previous process. Note: Many users have complained that the website’s interface does not give them a good user experience and sometimes they get lost because they can’t find their way to their account. If you have this problem accessing the control panel of your account, click on the following link and enter the data with which you previously made your registration in the app. When you enter the control panel, you will see a desktop where you will find the main applications and activities that are being monitored.

Appmia prices

Appmia, is an application that has 2 different versions that you can acquire, according to the monitoring functionalities you need.

The basic version costs 0 dollars, but it doesn’t let you access almost anything. You will only be able to see the contacts, music, calendar and some installed applications.
The premium version costs $16 per month and allows you to access any application and file on the device.
It also gives you control over some actions such as blocking or unblocking applications and calls.
There is no comparison between the basic and the premium version, simply the premium version is the most complete, so if you want to spy on any phone we recommend you buy the paid version.

Can I download Appmia Free?

Appmia is one of the few applications to spy on cell phones that has a basic version totally free, but very limited. As we mentioned before the basic version is free, but it is not good, because it only allows you to access the contacts, the calendar, the music and the number and name of the installed applications -beyond that you cannot monitor anything. However, the Premium Appmia version has a completely free 7-day trial period, in which you would have access to all its functions. This way, you can check the effectiveness of the application before deciding whether to purchase it or not, which is a great advantage. Obviously, at the end of the 7-day free trial, you must purchase the Premium plan to continue enjoying the monitoring benefits offered by Appmia. However, after purchasing the paid application you are given a period of 10 days of satisfaction. If during this period you are not happy with the results offered by the app you can ask for a refund. Although it’s a little more expensive than other mobile monitoring applications, many users think that the price/value ratio is among the best in the market.

Appmia Support

As far as after-sales support is concerned, Appmia is not far behind, having one of the most complete support systems on the market. First of all, we can find a “compatibility” tab that will help you know if the device you are planning to hack can be used with the software -before you lose time and/or money with the app.
Then you have a quite complete FAQ, which includes general topics, prices and payment, and installation. If you have any doubt, browse through these tabs and discover all the information you are looking for, little by little you will notice how you improve when using the application. On the left side of the screen, we can find customer reviews. This way, we can know what people think about the use of the application. Finally, we have a contact section in which we can send a direct message to the people in charge of the app. Similarly, the managers’ emails are displayed so that you can contact them directly when you need to. Customer service also includes other contact platforms such as Skype, telephone and in some cases, the online chat at the bottom left of the screen. While there are no tickets for smooth communication with the application managers, there are plenty of ways to make contact.

Final verdict on Appmia

Many opinions of Appmia indicate that it is one of the most complete applications on the market, offering the user superior data collection and monitoring many apps in the same branch:

Its interface is one of the fastest on the market, allowing for positive results in the shortest time possible.
As if that were not enough, it also has a 24/7 customer service. It is available all day long to assist you and solve all your doubts.
On the negative side, like other applications, Appmia only allows you to monitor one cell phone at a time. If you want to increase this capacity, you will have to change the application data and perform the installation process again on each device.

In conclusion, Appmia is a great spy application with a slightly high price, but of great effectiveness; so it is recommended only if you really need all the extra features.