CatWatchful Review

On the internet there are thousands of contents available without any control, so anyone can access them with just one click. Some content is not appropriate for all people or some ages, especially children. The advance of technology has allowed access to social networks more easily with the smartphone.

Every day thousands of children and young people access their social network accounts and websites where they run some risks such as contacting dangerous people, viewing adult content, among other things.

Today more than ever people, especially children use their smartphones and some parents do not have or do not find a way to have control of what their children are watching or what they are using their smartphone for. That’s why we’re going to talk to you about an application that will help a lot to control the activity on smartphones.

What is CatWatchful?

CatWatchful is the number one monitoring software for Android phones that helps parents keep their kids safe and use them productively. It can save screenshots of text messages, call information, GPS tracking and more, depending on people’s needs and priorities. The CatWatchful application collects information from a device and sends it to the control panel, where you can access it from any Browser.

This is a spy application that serves to remotely control mobile devices.

CatWatchful was created for people to have more parental control, worker control, and other personal uses in order to help people have better control over their mobile phones. The software developed by the company is intended to be used for legal purposes only.
It is a violation of United States federal law and the user’s local jurisdiction if you install surveillance software, on a mobile device or other device on which you have no rights to install or monitor. The law generally requires that the person be notified if their mobile device will be monitored.

CatWatchful complies with all legal requirements, and is intended for the purposes of better parental control, worker control, and improving control of people with their devices. The company is not responsible if a third party installs the software on a device without the owner’s permission.

Currently there are other companies in the market that offer the service of spying or monitoring. Some of these companies are: mSpy, Spyzie, Copy9, Highster Mobile, Hoverwatch, among others. However, CatWatchful is one of the companies that offer more stable software with improved features. It is competitively priced and very easy to use.

CatWatchful features

The application has several uses that can be useful for both individuals and companies. With this tool you can control and monitor another person’s phone remotely, 24 hours a day.

CatWatchful is an application that has many functions and features that will help people, parents, companies to have better control over the devices in cases where it is necessary. Here are some of the main features and functions that this application has.

  • Spying on WhatsApp conversations
    With this application you can easily spy on or monitor WhatsApp messages. With this application you can read both the messages and the contact list of WhatsApp. All the information is sorted in chronological order and there is also the option to apply filters to find a specific message that interests you.
  • Facebook Conversations
    Facebook monitoring is also a feature included in this phone monitoring application. Not only can you spy on WhatsApp, but this application has billions of users worldwide. It will also allow you to spy on all conversations, posts, images, videos, etc. You will be able to access all messages and view them in chronological order.
  • Spy on SMS messages
    Although this application or form of communication has been put on the back burner, it is still used in some cases. SMS is still widely used by users, especially when a user does not have an internet connection or a data plan. With CatWatchful you can view messages from a device remotely.
  • Spying GPS Locations
    It helps to track the GPS location of the mobile in real time. Know when and where the device is at any time. Tracking GPS locations is very important to have full control of the phone we want to spy on. CatWatchful tracks GPS information remotely to a selected device.
  • Spy Call Log
    Listen to the call logs of all conversations that have occurred on your device. You can also access the full call log of all incoming and outgoing calls. From the control panel you can listen to or record the calls and know who your child or employee is talking to.
  • Spy the camera on your Android device remotely
    Taking pictures with the camera phone secretly. Use it to see with your own eyes everything that happens near the phone. You can watch the camera in real time and spy on everything that’s going on. Using the control panel remotely 24 hours a day on the mobile camera.
  • Record what is heard around the mobile
    As if that were not enough, this is a feature that has the option of recording what is heard around the phone, and thereby spying on everything that is heard around the phone. Even if the phone is in sleep mode, the microphone can be activated remotely.
  • Spying on the phone screen remotely
    This application can monitor people’s phone screen, you can view the phone screen at any time, take screenshots or record video. You can do this from the control panel, which means you can view the screenshots to make an analysis of the activities with the phone.
  • Spying on the multimedia files of the mobile phone
    With a few clicks you can remotely access all the media files on the phone, download them, delete them and even send files to the device. The application accesses all the folders and files in the phone in real time, which you can also download or review remotely from the application’s control panel.
  • Spying on the Android keyboard recorder
    This feature allows access to the phone’s keypad record, which means that the CatWatchful user will be able to see the history of words or records of keys that have been used in a certain time. Everything the user types will be recorded and you will be able to see it in real time.

How CatWatchful Works

The operation of the application is based on data collection. When the user downloads the application it must be installed with permission from the owner of the phone, except in the case of parents who want to keep their children safe or employers who want to improve the use of the devices lent to their workers.

The application when installed asks for permissions from the phone to access the phone’s data, this means that the application can only be accessed under the user’s knowledge, no person or third party can access or violate the privacy of the other person without first having the permission of the phone’s owner.

CatWatchful is an application that collects all information or data from the phone, it collects data from calls, messages, images, camera, files, microphone, etc. That is, all data that is stored in the phone is shared with the application. When installing the CatWatchful application, the user of this application will also have access to a control panel.

From the control panel a person will be able to access all the phone data remotely, almost all the phone functions are monitored by CatWatchful, that way you will be able to know in real time or at any time what you are using the phone for or what is around you.

Which device is available. The application is available for use with any Android 4 or newer device. No root is required, but after root you can have more features like WhatsApp messages, Facebook, Telegram and browser history.
Rooting is the process that allows smartphone and tablet users to run the Android operating system to gain privileged control, also known as root access, on the Android subsystem.
The root procedure removes the warranty, it is not reversible. Rooting is necessary only if you need to monitor applications that are not installed by default such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Chrome browser, among others.

Do I need to have physical access to the selected phone?

Yes, you will need to physically access the selected device, hold it in your hand and unlock it with the password and physically install Catwatchful on it, as well as the authorization from the device owner.

This application is not detectable, the application offers you the visibility option, which allows you to hide the application icon and notifications after installing it. If you want to reopen the application interface, just dial 543210.

How to download and install CatWatchful

To download and install the application, follow the steps below:

Accept the license agreement. Go to the following link and download the Catwatchful apk file –
You must read the terms of use and accept them. At this point you confirm the use of the application for legal purposes.

CatWatchful is specially designed to monitor your phone for underage children. But before using this application as a monitoring tool on your device, be sure to provide all essential information related to this application to the user of the phone.

Grant permissions to the application. It is very important to provide ALL the permissions needed for the application to function properly with all its features and functions such as permissions for screen captures, access to notifications, access to device settings, disabling PlayStore notifications, disabling Play Protect.

Login with your username and password or create a new account. Sign in with your username, or create an account.

IMPORTANT: Remember that each device belongs only to a unique user account that cannot be modified once you associate the device with it. Only one user account per device is allowed.

If a device is root, click “OK” to obtain permissions to WhatsApp and Facebook messages. Only if the device is root, a notification will appear indicating that the application requires administrator permissions. It is important that you accept and then check “Remember this choice forever” because it will not appear again. Click “Allow” to get permission to track messages from social networking applications.

CatWatchful Login

Once you have downloaded and installed the application you will be able to log in with your credentials. Some users have had problems logging into the control panel, we have solved it for them. To login to CatWatchful follow the link below –

This will take you to the main login page of the CatWatchful control panel.

Pricing Plans

CatWatchful offers 4 plans that fit into the clients’ pockets. Below, we will talk a little bit about each of the plans.

Basic Plan – $14 – for 30 days
As the name of the plan says, it is a plan intended for people who want to try out the application without having to spend a lot of money. Although this plan is the cheapest, it does not have many features that are the most attractive and useful, so we recommend that you keep looking at the other plans.

Medium Plan – $39 – for 60 days
This plan offers more time and some more features than the Basic plan, however, this plan does not yet offer some important features such as spying on WhatsApp messages, Facebook and Accessing files. However, it does offer more features that are worth purchasing.

Gold Plan (most popular) – $49 – for 60 days
This is a very similar plan to Medium, however, it offers all the features and functions of the application. This is a plan you should buy if you want to try the application to get the most out of it. However, as we can see this plan only offers a somewhat short time, some people think that by paying more than the Medium plan, the time of use should be more than 60 days.

Platinum Plan – $99 – per year
This is certainly the best of all plans, as this plan offers all the features and all the time you would want. However, it is a price that not everyone can afford. For $99 you can use the CatWatchful application, which will save you a lot of money compared to other plans.

Download Free CatWatchful

If you are interested in using the application, it is better to buy one of the plans, since the application only offers a 2-day trial period, that is, you can download it for free for only 2 days. However, this one offers a $14 plan for 30 days so that you can explore the main functions of the application and learn how to use it.
Customer Support
The customer support is quite good, it has many ways of contacting us like contact form or email which is, also by phone. If you want to contact them you can do it in this link. The company does not offer livechat service for instant support, however, the response time of the messages is quite fast, between 1 to 24 hours, depending on the amount of users that request information.


We can conclude by saying that this is a quite useful application that is intended for child control, worker control, among other uses. We can mention some of the main pros and cons


  • It is an application that offers complete control over the device
  • You can access the media files, screen, microphone, messages, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • The GPS function is a very useful application to check where the person is in case they do not answer the phone.
  • Very fast customer support


  • We could say that the free trial time is very short.
  • The Basic Plan offers few features, just as the Gold Plan is perfect, but offers little time, only 60 days.
  • It can only be installed on Android devices
  • In conclusion, this is an application that serves to benefit users, its purpose is not to violate the privacy of individuals, as this is stipulated in the privacy policies and terms of use. The application will greatly help parents who want to keep their children safe from criminals on social networks. Businesses can increase productivity and save costs for workers to make better use of their phones.

If you want to try the application feel free to download it and use the 2 day trial period and then you can choose to buy a plan that fits your pocket or needs.