EspiarWapp Review

Today, instant messaging platforms are the preferred means of communication for mobile users. Millions and millions of messages are sent every hour and it is undeniable that this is part of our lives.

With the birth of these technologies, different methods to access other people’s conversations also appeared. This is possible, although difficult and of course there are options that really work and others that are nothing less than a fraud and whose only objective is to defraud their users.

In this article we will focus on espiarwapp and we will reveal if it really works or not, if it is a miraculous tool or if it is a scam in which thousands of people have fallen.

What is SpyWapp?

In principle, spiarwapp is a web page, we can access it (if it is not out of service) by entering

What this website promises is simple: to be able to access someone else’s WhatsApp conversations and even explain how (more details about their method in this article).

One of the first details that we should note in our analysis is that there is no data about its developers who claim: “We are rated as the best web system for spying whatsapp you will not find any website that offers the service as we do”.

Their website does not even provide us with the name of the company that published the website (we have to assume that the company has the same name).

Publishers claim to get good reviews about their services on social networks even though they are not published on their website.
In the contact section we find an email address, a phone number in Mexico and an address in Mexico City. A quick search on the map returns absolutely nothing about a software company (although there’s a quaint little bar nearby that I’d love to visit).
Terms and Conditions
Continuing with the site, we can find the terms and conditions.

This section is relatively short compared to other services but it is very important to have a look at it.

Here the site informs us, among other points, that:

There is a refund policy, but enjoying this benefit seems extremely complicated. It is logical that the guarantee only extends to errors made by the company but how would you verify this, it is almost impossible to prove a fault in the program (if any), as the company could claim that the program was not used correctly.
The company has an anti-fraud policy that may delay delivery of the product until proof of payment is verified. The question is: What if our delivery is delayed even after payment has been made and verified? What guarantee do we have of the company’s transparency?
In addition to this, the site informs us about its license and privacy policy. Everything in a very reduced format.

The scam process

The company presents us with a quick and easy way to spy on WhatsApp. We simply have to press the button on their page.

We enter the victim’s number and let the page do its job:

After a loading screen (let’s say: while spyingwapp does its “magic”), we will see the information collected: the amount of conversations that the victim’s WhatsApp contains, the amount of voice notes, etc. Via:

This of course is a vile lie. To make it clear from the beginning (spoiler alert): it is not possible to hack whatsapp by counting only the victim’s phone number.

By clicking on one of the servers we are redirected to many services for which we have to pay. And I repeat: there is no way that these services will actually give us access to someone else’s chats.

Common ways to spy on a third-party WhatsApp

SpyWapp does not explain why its process “works”, although it does describe some common ways to access a person’s WhatsApp, including MAC (Media Access Control) address spoofing.

The MAC address is a unique identifier that all network units have, this of course includes mobile phones.
Changing the MAC address of a device is something that can be done. According to spiarwapp, this helps the WhatsApp servers recognize our device as the victim’s cell phone.

Note that this is an absolutely unnecessary process to follow.

Changing the MAC address of our device would be useless, we would have to log in to WhatsApp with the victim’s number and in this way we would need access to their phone, as the number would receive a confirmation message.

Another known way is to use WhatsApp Web, by registering the victim’s account on a computer that we have access to at, we will be able to access their conversations. However, each time we check chats, the owner of the phone will receive a notification that their session is being used from the website.

Obviously, none of these strategies would work for us since the idea of spying on another person is just not being discovered.

The SpyWapp summary

It all boils down to one word: fraud. There is literally no way to access a person’s WhatsApp account without accessing their cell phone first.

In addition, the main problem with the service is that it lacks transparency and inspires confidence.

What sites like this do is prey on people with little knowledge of computers and the Internet. They are nothing more than traps, designed to swindle defenseless people and steal their money.

If you really want to access someone else’s conversations (always within the legal framework) it is best to use serious applications that are specifically designed for monitoring mobile devices. It’s sad that in the era of communications this type of scam still exists. Ignorance and misinformation on the Internet are the worst problems that inexperienced users have in front of scams like this and so many others, including also applications that claim to offer the same.

Its score is undoubtedly the lowest (with 0 on the scale). Simply because it is a scam, it must fall to the lowest of the scores.

No one should be fooled, free magic solutions do not exist and even less so coming from a company that does not even have a presence in the spy app market. It’s useless to waste time and money on scams like this.
What those who know do
People who are really experts on the subject know that nothing that comes from such a mysterious and unprofessional site as is to be trusted.

The most sensible choice for someone who wants to get into the world of monitoring social networks like WhatsApp and even Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is to opt for an application specifically designed for this purpose.

There are many such applications, some better than others, but when it comes to surveillance mSpy is definitely the holy grail of espionage.

Not only does mSpy allow us to monitor the social network activity of a cell phone but it goes much further and provides us with excellent features such as GPS tracking (also offered in the new spywapp product), call and text message monitoring and different types of alerts, among others. All from a convenient control panel that we can access from anywhere at any time.

What leaves you calm about mSpy is its professionalism, from the first moment we notice the transparency of the company on the website and also we know that the person being monitored will never notice any change. Your phone will continue to work as usual, with no change in speed or other aspect.
mSpy also features free online help for installation (although installing it is far from easy), 24-hour technical support and excellent reviews from major news outlets such as The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail and CNN.