Flexispy Review

Cell phones are a basic element in people’s lives in the 21st century. Even children start using a phone at a very young age. The Internet is a world of freedom, but it is also a world of danger, and that is why some individuals decide to use spy apps. Not only to control their children, there are other justifications: company bosses must monitor their employees to verify that they are performing their duties during working hours; a couple that fears an infidelity and decides to investigate thoroughly; and one must not leave aside the nature of man and his constant curiosity about the intimacy of others.

In the market for spying applications, there are many offers. For an ordinary person, it can be difficult to find a good option without getting ripped off. Several apps promise to work, but in reality they take advantage of the opportunity to get into people’s phones and get all their data. As for real monitoring applications, FlexiSPY is a viable option, with both positive and negative points.

What is FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is an extremely advanced and professional spy application. It is one of the most complex apps in the market, with basic functions of any application of this style, added to several particular functions, such as call interception and environment recording. However, its complexity works as a double-edged sword, since it is no longer user-friendly. While it may be perfect for employers who want to control even the slightest activity of their employees, or for overprotective parents with their children, it can generate rejection in others.

Those newbies who don’t have much knowledge of technology, but want to enter the world of espionage, may be overwhelmed by the complexity of FlexiSPY. Therefore, they will walk away from this app and opt for something simpler.


One of the main disadvantages is that FlexiSPY requires a mandatory jailbreak, also known as root. This can be problematic for users, because they must have access to the phone to be monitored, in addition to the knowledge to perform the jailbreak. In contrast, some of its competitors offer the ability to spy without performing this process, which puts FlexiSPY at a disadvantage to the novice audience.

Features of FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY has all the basic functions of a spy application, which it shares with its competitors as they are essential, such as call and text message log, web browsing history, access to social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.), contacts, calendar, intercepted emails, among others. At the same time, it presents some unique and interesting features, which help it to separate itself a little within the market. Which are:

  • Call Interception

A completely unique feature of FlexiSPY. Most apps provide the ability to review call history, i.e. who that person spoke to and how long. FlexiSPY allows you to listen to conversations in real time and know everything you’re talking about. For example, if a child has a conversation with a bad influence or a dangerous person, you can report every detail of the conversation.

The call intercept function works by adding the spy to the phone call as a silent listener. When the monitored phone receives a call, a notification is sent to the control panel, and the chat can be listened to silently. However, two things are needed for this to work: a strong internet connection so that the sound is not distorted, and the spied phone has a conference call feature.

  • Call recording

If you don’t have the time to listen to live calls, FlexiSPY gives you the opportunity to record all calls that the phone makes and receives, which are stored in the control panel and can be easily downloaded. This way, you can listen to them when you have time.

  • Password Cracker

FlexiSPY offers a unique technology that is superior to the Keylogger in other spy applications. While a Keylogger stores all the buttons pressed on a phone and requires a manual search, FlexiSPY directly provides all the passwords and PIN numbers used on the phone. This feature is only available with the FlexiSPY Extreme package, otherwise it must be purchased separately.

  • GPS Location

FlexiSPY offers the best tracker function, with real time location updates, through the cell phone’s GPS. No delays of seconds or minutes, like other apps. A route history can be accessed to know all the details of the places the person visited and for how long. In addition, it allows you to activate a Geo-Fencing, that is, a perimeter around the cell phone, which sends an alert if the monitored device moves outside of it.

  • Environmental recording

FlexiSPY allows you to remotely activate the microphone and record the ambient sound around the cell phone. It can even pick up conversations from people close to the phone, so it works like a listening device.

  • Remote control

With this application, you can access your cell phone regardless of distance. Not as a simple observer, but it is possible to activate different functions: you can take a silent picture with the camera, you can restart the cell phone instantly and activate the microphone.

FlexiSPY compatibility

It is in the area of compatibility that FlexiSPY has its major drawbacks. Although it is compatible with the main devices, some of its versions block application functions.

  • Android: OS 4.0.3 to 9. On Android OS 8 the call interception functions are not available. On Android 9, call interception does not work either, and call recording is not available on certain phones.
  • iOS: all versions up to 9.1. In iOS 9.2 to 11.4.1 it works in tethered mode only. FlexiSPY works until the cell phone is turned off or the battery runs out. If this happens, it is necessary to physically get the phone and perform a simple reconfiguration.
  • BlackBerry: Up to 7.1.
  • Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • Mac: OS X Maverick, OS X Yosemite, and OS X El Capitan

In the area of compatibility, FlexiSPY clearly loses out to some of its competitors. It cannot be considered a universal application, as it has some drawbacks or function blocking on some devices.


Operation and installation.

The complexity of the installation process of FlexiSPY has to do with the obligation to perform a Jailbreak on iPhone, otherwise the software cannot be installed. For people who are not very technology savvy, this can be very complicated and tedious. On the other hand, for Android devices, the application can be installed in a common and ordinary way, although the functions will be limited. To make the most of the app, you must perform a root.

The installation process of FlexiSPY is quite useful, since it guides the user step by step, explaining the details of the installation. The client does not feel abandoned while installing the application. The FlexiSPY website also has a list of tutorials, articles and videos available that can help complete the installation successfully.

The installation and operation can be summarized in five steps:

  1. License purchase: you can buy the Premium or Extreme package, for 1 month, 3 months or 12 months, which allows you to download FlexiSpy.
  2. App activation: the jailbreak/root is performed on the cell phone and flexispy apk is installed, following the instructions provided by the software. FlexiSPY is ready to run.
  3. Data collection: all the information from the cell phone is captured by the application.
  4. Data transfer: data is sent to the FlexiSPY control panel login, which stores it and leaves it ready to be downloaded. The control panel or FlexiSpy portal can be accessed from any device, be it a cell phone or a computer. Login data is sent via email when the license is purchased.
  5. Cell phone monitoring: operation is already active, you enter the control panel with the FlexiSpy login and spy freely.

FlexiSPY allows you to monitor one device at a time with one license. If you want to change your mobile phone, you must deactivate the current one and activate the next one. The data remains active for 90 days, and then is renewed, so if you want to save permanent information, you have to download it manually.

How much does FlexiSPY cost?

The FlexiSPY offer comes in two variants, which are sold for 1 month, 3 months or 12 months. Always in these cases, the higher the paid license, the cheaper it will be in relation to the price per month. The first package is the Premium package, which has the basic functions and some of the particular ones, which costs $68 for 1 month, while the 12 month license has a value of $149. The second option is the Extreme package, which has all the functions available and can be purchased for 3 months, with a value of $199, or for a whole year at $349.

Regarding the form of payment, the forms are the common and traditional ones, such as PayPal or credit cards like Visa, MasterCard. The transaction is done in a safe way. It is also possible to make a full refund within 10 days of purchase. This way, you can take advantage of the seven-day free FlexiSPY trial and then ask for a refund. For one week, free FlexiSPY will be available in Spanish.

Customer Service

FlexiSPY customer service is acceptable. The support team can be contacted 24 hours a day, either by chat or email, although sometimes it takes time to respond. A toll-free phone line is available for extreme packages. In addition, you can pay an additional cost for an installation service that will take care of the whole process, whether it is the installation itself, the jailbreak or the root, and everything else that is necessary.

Legality of FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is legal software, and its use is protected by law as long as one of its three primary functions is fulfilled. The first is parents monitoring their children under 18. The second is employers who monitor their employees using cell phones or company-issued devices. The third, the installation of the application in a cell phone of their own.

If it is used as espionage in a case other than the three mentioned, the responsibility falls entirely on the person, and it becomes a dangerous activity according to the laws of the country where the person is. Therefore, it is important to consult a lawyer to verify possible problems.

Ethical and moral issues also come into play, which are not sanctioned by a law itself, but by what is seen as right and wrong in society. For example, if a child discovers that he or she is being spied on by his or her parents, he or she may lose all trust with them, and create problems within the family.

FlexiSPY’s Discretion

During the installation, FlexySPY provides the possibility to hide the icon after the process is completed. This is suggested to avoid being discovered, as it is virtually impossible for a person to know they are being monitored with a spy application. You can even hide the Cydia icon, which indicates that a jailbreak was performed on an iPhone. However, a person who knows their phone well, may realize that it was modified and become suspicious about it.


FlexiSPY is a viable option in the market for spying applications. It has a lot of features, both basic and particular, some of which are not available in other apps. However, it also has some negative points: the compatibility problem is very important, the mandatory need to perform a jailbreak and even the additional cost of buying some functions outside the license. Flexispy opinions are divided.

FlexiSPY is not the best spy application available, and may be complex for some users. However, if chosen, the results will be satisfactory.