Today we can find the applications of monitoring or parental control in various forms. Some more complete than others, but most share certain basic functions such as tracking and gallery monitoring.

Today we’re going to talk about a useful but enigmatic application called Highster Mobile. Its release is undoubtedly plagued with various drawbacks.

What makes it different? Is it worth the risk? The answers to these questions and many more are in this article.

What is Highster Mobile?

Highster Mobile is a spy application that allows us to access a lot of information about the mobile device we choose to target, from calls to Facebook messages, and even to find out where the person is right now.

The application is developed by ILF Mobile Apps Corp, a company based in Port Jefferson, New York. The company started operations in 2008 and has been specializing in computer security ever since.

The release of the application was surrounded by much controversy as many users commented that they did not find its customer service useful and blamed the company for having fraudulent marketing strategies, such as advertisements offering a different program and taking the user to the Highster Mobile download page. In addition to other controversial marketing strategies.

Is it legal to use Highster Mobile?

The services that Highster Mobile offers are within the law, as long as they are used by parents to monitor the movements of their minor children or by employers who want to verify the good work of their employees (being the cell phone they use company property).

Outside these uses, the legitimacy of the application will depend on the legislation of each country.

Main characteristics and functions

The application has a wide variety of options for monitoring, shared by the vast majority of applications in the industry, among which are

  • Text messages: highly necessary in every monitoring application. Every text message is saved, even if the user of the cell phone we are monitoring deletes his inbox.
  • GPS Location: another indispensable function in every spy application is to be able to know at all times where that person is. This is possible with Highster Mobile. The application shows us a map where we can see the location in real time and even shows the route of the device in question.
  • Control panel: Highster Mobile has an online control panel that monitors live all the information collected from the device, organized in a simple and user-friendly way.
    Photo and video control: The application collects the photos and videos captured by the device and provides easy access to them through its control panel. This helps us to have an idea of the type of use that person gives to the device. This also includes photos or videos downloaded from the Internet.
  • Monitoring iMessage, WhatsApp and more: Today most communication is done outside of typical media such as calls and text messages. Fortunately, Highster Mobile has support for today’s most popular messaging applications, including Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Login control on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, etc – this feature is perfect for parents who are concerned about the amount of time their children spend in front of social networks and which people they contact through them, as well as for employers who want to make sure their employees are productive and not wasting their time.
  • Hidden camera: Highster Mobile allows you to capture photos and videos without the owner of the device noticing. This allows us to get even more information about the person’s activities or location.
  • Remote uninstallation: if for any reason we want to uninstall the application we can do it remotely without the user of the device having the slightest idea.
    Blocking the device and applications: we can block the installation and use of applications as well as block the device remotely.
  • Extra features: in addition to all this, Highster Mobile provides information about the contact list, calendar activities, installed applications and device information.

How does Highster Mobile work?

HIghster Mobile is installed on the target device (for this we need to have access to it for a few minutes) and then works invisibly. It’s completely undetectable to device users, no matter how hard they look for it, although it can’t be installed remotely.

Once installed, we will start receiving the information collected in our control panel (accessible through the online site), Highster Mobile will upload to its servers photos, call logs, text messages and online activity among other features discussed above.

In this way, information, such as text messages, will continue to be available even after it is deleted from the target device.

The application works in Android (version 2.1 onwards), as well as in all iOS versions (this includes iPhone, iPad and even iPod), it has a version for devices with or without root or jailbreak. In the non-jailbreak version, we will need to enable the iCloud backup option and it only works with iOS 6 to 8.4.

For both cases we will need Apple ID and password.

To capture messages from messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype and Gmail you need to be root in Android.

Highster Mobile Login – evt17
Many users have had problems connecting to the control panel. In case you need it, we provide you with the link that allows us to access it. Only by entering we can access the monitoring section:

Download and installation

First things first… Check that the phone you’re going to spy on supports it! Today any cell phone is a worthy candidate but it never hurts to check since Apple devices below iPhone 6 are not supported. Go to to find out more.

To start using Highster Mobile, the first thing to do is to go to their website:

Once there, choose the option “Download Now” and then choose the platform on which you want to install the program. This will take us to the checkout

There, we can buy the program with various credit or debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard from any bank, as well as other means of payment such as PayPal.

As an interesting and perhaps necessary fact, we have found another site offering the product (in fact we have found more than three sites), possibly old company websites. In both of them we can make the purchase although we suggest always using the newest one:

Comparison between the different sites.
It is important to mention that Highster Mobile does not have a monthly subscription. Just by purchasing the program the first time, at 69.99 USD, we will have unlimited access to all its features and technical support for life (although this seems to vary by country).
Once the purchase is made, having completed our data (be sure to distill the add-ons they offer or your purchase will cost more than you think!), we will receive an email with the download link and our account information to be able to enter the system. In addition, we will receive the application installation instructions.

It is important to note that Highster Mobile does not have a trial version or period. The only way to get to use the program is to buy it.
Here we briefly detail the installation process on an Android phone:
To follow these steps, we will need to have access to the device we want to monitor for at least five minutes and an active internet connection

1. Download the application from the link we received in the email and install it on the device.

2. While inside the application, we enter the phone number and our license number. Press “Submit”.

3. We should receive a message that says “Registration successful”.

4. Press “Ok” and the application will automatically hide on the device.

Once these steps are completed, we can log in to the control panel from the computer.

Your customer service

We can contact ILF Mobile Apps technical support via their phone number (+1 866-611-9506). We also found an email address on their other site so we recommend giving it a try (

They usually respond within two business days. They don’t have a 24-hour online chat like other companies, their hours are 9:00 am. To 17:00 hs. Monday to Friday.Many users have commented that the attention is not good and present difficulties to make refunds, among other things.

Highster Mobile is a very easy to use and complete application. It fulfills all the basic functionalities that we might need, what is confusing is the way the company handles itself and this is definitely its biggest problem.

Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired, there were cases where they didn’t even answer user queries which is a determining factor when choosing a service.


  • No monthly subscription. By purchasing Highster Mobile only the first time, you’ll have unlimited access to its features and upgrades, for life (unless your country does not have that benefit).
  • We can create alerts for the information we want to collect from the control panel (Example: get notified when there is a new photo, etc.)
  • It has a friendly interface taking into account users with little experience in spy applications.


  • You don’t have a trial version. You cannot test the product and then decide whether to buy it or not. This is a serious problem since nowadays almost all applications and programs have a version or trial period that allows you to know a little more about the program before having to pay for the service.
  • Your customer service is not good. Many users could not count on technical support or the company has not provided a refund for the purchase.
  • Some people claim that the program works perfectly but other users claimed that some options did not work and they did not get a refund for this.
  • It does not offer some features that other programs do, such as remote installation and city-wide secure zone delimitation.
  • We have to pay extra to access other benefits such as installation assistance. In some countries we even have to pay extra to get the updates that are offered as part of the initial offer, so the treatment is different depending on the country.

The disadvantages of Highster Mobile definitely overshadow its virtues. The application implements good ideas, although these virtues do not correspond to its lack of maintenance and technical support. The company really doesn’t seem to be reliable.

Unequal treatment depending on the country is totally unacceptable. If we want to buy the application in dollars we can see how only one extra option has to be distilled but if we buy the application with another currency (pesos, for example) more options appear to be distilled, such as unlimited updates that claim to be free on the site.

Would you recommend this application to a friend?

Unfortunately, it’s a resounding no. Mainly because we don’t have a free version or trial period. Choosing the app is a leap of faith and not worth the risk.

Ideally, the right thing to do would be to try out applications that do allow you to test their features before you have to pay for them, otherwise you can’t be confident enough to want to hire the service.

Besides, rumors of fraud are something that should definitely be taken into account. We cannot entrust our money to a company that does not inspire confidence and that does not guarantee us a good service.