Mobistealth Review

Have you ever wondered what your spouse really is depending on what your children are talking about with their friends, or why your employee takes so much time to complete their deliveries? Are you wondering about this because you are a very honest and trustworthy, and the truth is important to you. MobiStealth can help you do this, even if you don’t have much technical knowledge.

MobiStealth Review: Introduction

This opinion Mobistealth be as honest as it can be, it shows exactly what you get for your money. I will give you the facts, and then you can make your own decision whether or not MobiStealth is for you.

MobiStealth is an elegant piece of cell surveillance software that helps you track your target’s mobile phone activities. Most people carry their phones with them wherever they go; MobiStealth makes use of this, not only allowing you to track the location of the target phone (many other vendors offer this feature as well), but also allowing you to secretly record and playback sounds with the target phone’s microphone.

Software Features

The MobiStealth basic package gives you the ability to record text messages, caller ID downloads and address books, and keep track of your destination phone via GPS. This is enough for most people, but if you want more details, the more advanced plans (and MobiStealth MobiStealth Pro-X), also allows you to record your calls and listen to the surroundings of the phone in direct mode.

Сompatible with most phones on the market today, including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian (Nokia) mobile. In addition, because MobiStealth is very easy to install and offers a great installation guide, you do not need to be a technician to install the software on the target phone. After installation, MobiStealth would be detectable on the target’s cell phone, and all activities can be tracked through a web-based Stealth Club.

Benefits of MobiStealth

  • Advanced features, with the ability to record calls for later listening, and record sounds around the phone microphone at any time
  • Easy to navigate control panel that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection
  • Frequently asked questions and detailed installation guides
  • Wide range of compatible phones
  • Ability to switch to monitoring another phone after deactivating the active phone
  • No sign of Mobistealth on the target phone – the program will be completely undetectable, even after the license expires
  • No need to reinstall the software on the target phone, if you decide to upgrade your license (for more features)

Now the downside…

  • Some features are not available on some phone models
  • No phone or live chat (even if emails are usually answered within 24 hours)
  • More than one license must be purchased to monitor multiple phones

Legal Notice
Recording people’s SMS messages and other phone activity or installing MobiStealth on someone else’s phone without their knowledge may be considered illegal activity in your area. It is the responsibility of the end user to comply with all laws in your state.

MobiStealth opinion: The final verdict

If you are a bit like me, and I say myself a very confident one most of the time, you might think that it is not appropriate to spy on someone without their knowledge. But chances are, sometimes you just need that little bit of extra ‘validation than little,’ extra reassurance.

MobiStealth is ideal for concerned parents, spouses who feel concerned that there are signs that their spouse is cheating, and businesses looking to improve their bottom line. You may not need the extra features, such as sound recording of your surroundings, but I promise you that the peace of mind you will receive when you discover that your goal is really not doing anything wrong will be worth every penny for MobiStealth. You’re glad to finally know for sure what’s going on, and that’s why I think MobiStealth is for everyone who is interested in discovering the truth, hopefully before it’s too late.

Thank you for reading my review and you can click here to learn more about MobiStealth.