mSpy Review

In today’s world, technology is increasingly present in people’s lives. Internet access is within the reach of any individual with a cell phone. Today even children own one, and are exposed to the dangers of the Internet. That is why parents are forced to use spy applications, in order to check and control the child’s activity. This is just one example, there are several reasons to spy on other people’s activity: fear of infidelity, inefficiency of employees in a company, or even pure human curiosity about other people’s privacy.

According ot the mspy reviews, in today’s market, there are many applications of spying. However, few are really effective. Most of them are defective, and even dangerous, since under the premise of accessing another person’s cell phone, they end up invading one’s own cell phone and stealing information. This is where mSpy stands out, the best spy application in the whole app market.

What is mSpy

what is mspy

mSpy is a highly professional spy application, which was developed primarily for the benefit of parents and employers. However, it can be used by anyone, for any purpose. Moreover you can use mspy free trial. 

This powerful monitoring tool provides full access to the phone you want to spy on. By using the application, you can observe the contacts, browsing history, social networks, calendar, among other functions that will be developed in detail later on.

mspy review

Legality and risks

Is mspy legit? The application was developed under three fundamental premises, which are protected by law. The first is for parents who wish to control their minor children. The second is for monitoring employees of a company who use cell phones provided by the company itself. The third and last one is to install mSpy on a device of your own.

“With great power comes great responsibility” is a good phrase to use in a spy application. If you want to spy on a friend, or try to discover a partner’s infidelity, the responsibility lies entirely with the individual, with the risks that this entails. The danger of being discovered and the illegality of the actions are assumed when using the application. For peace of mind, users may wish to consult a legal professional, such as a lawyer.

Even in the legal situations already mentioned, there are certain risks while using mspy iphone or mspy android. For example, if a child or teenager discovers that they are being monitored by their parents, they may lose all trust in them, or if employees of a company know that they are being monitored all the time, they may begin to feel hatred or anger towards their bosses.

However, one of the key characteristics that distinguish mSpy is its discretion. It is virtually impossible for a person to find out if they are being spied on with this application. How does mspy work? Once the installation process is complete, the app runs in the background and becomes invisible. As long as the cell phone has an internet connection, all information will be transmitted to the control panel. Just try mspy free download and be sure to receive all information. 

mspy features

mSpy over other spy apps

The market for spy apps is quite wide. mSpy is the best of them. The primary functions, such as access to browsing history, messages, mspy snapchat, calls, etc., are shared with other monitoring applications, but this is justified because they are basic functions of any such application. There are certain areas and particular functions that only mSpy offers and stands out from its competitors:

Jailbreak-free solution
Most apps require a jailbreak to access an iPhone. In contrast, mSpy is the first one that can spy on an iPhone without performing a jailbreak. Moreover, mSpy offers the possibility to spy on a cell phone without having to install software on the device. To perform this option, access to the iPhone user’s iCloud account is required. The no jailbreak feature offers most of the basic monitoring options.

mSpy works as a Keylogger, allowing the discovery of user passwords. At first sight it seems unnecessary to know the passwords if you can access the cell phone in its entirety, but in case you want to access the accounts normally, without using the monitoring software, it is a possibility available.

Multi-device license
While mSpy does not allow you to use the same license to spy on different devices at the same time, it does allow you to rotate between several cell phones. Just deactivate one and activate another. Other applications do not allow installing the application on more than one device.

24-hour customer support
Most apps have limited customer support. They require you to fill out forms and wait for a response, which can take a long time, or through email, which is not a rush. mSpy provides full access to technical support 24 hours a day, every day. You can contact us by email, a chat window, and even a toll-free phone number.

It also offers the option to purchase a package called mAssistance for mspy price $43 in exchange for access to a personal assistant to solve any technical issues. This wizard provides help with a jailbreak, installing the software, navigating the control panel, or any other assistance that may be needed.

mSpy Features

mspy customers

mSpy has a wealth of features, some basic to any spy application, and some unique. Below is a detailed list of them:

Basic Functions

  • Phone calls: access to all cell phone calls, both outgoing and incoming. In addition, total detail of them, with their duration mspy gratis and exact time when they occurred.
  • Text messages: monitoring of all text messages entering and leaving the phone in real time. You can know the details of the contact that sends messages to the monitored cell phone, and block it.
  • Intercepted emails: full access to the email box. It allows you to know which sites you are subscribed to, which people you communicate with and all the content of the emails you send.
  • GPS Location: mSpy provides the precise location of the person through the cell phone’s GPS. With this information, you can see which places you visit and how long you stay there.
  • Geofencing: this function allows to generate a perimeter around the spied device. If the cell phone moves outside that perimeter, an instant alert is sent to the control panel.
  • Web browsing history: you can find out which websites are visited, for how long and at what times. Try this function with mspy app free download. You can even block certain websites.
  • Calendar and Contacts: You can see all the events that are marked in the calendar, next to the total contact book. All you need is just mspy login account.

Specific functions

  • Social Networking Accounts: Mspy install gives full access to social networking and instant messaging accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, mSpy WhatsApp, Skype, and more You can passively watch the activities, or take control and send messages from the accounts, pretending to be that person.
  • List of applications: you can see the complete list of applications that were installed on the cell phone and what was their use even when try mspy trial.
  • Control of the cell phone gallery: you can access the multimedia file of the cell phone, which includes photos, videos, audios, notes, etc.
  • Remote access: You don’t need to be near the cell phone to spy on it, you can do it from any place and at any time.
  • Scheduled analysis: an order can be set, as if it were an alarm, to receive detailed updates and analysis of the cell phone’s activities.

Support for mSpy

mySpy is compatible with the most popular devices, be it iOS, Android, Windows or Mac. The application received virtually no complaints regarding its compatibility, so it is considered a universal application. Unless the device you want to use is very old and obsolete, there will be no problems. The minimum requirements for compatibility are:

  • iOS with jailbreak: iOS 6 to 8.4; iOS 9 to 9.1
  • iOS without jailbreak: all iOS versions
  • Android: Android 4+ onwards
  • Windows: XP; Vista; 7; 8; 8.1; 10
  • Mac: OS 10.7 Lion; OS X 10.8 to OS X 10.11

How to use mSpy

mSpy is one of the easiest applications to install, and is very user friendly. In about 15 minutes you can carry out the entire installation process and start monitoring a cell phone. However, on certain devices it may take a little longer, such as the iPhone.

Steps for use

  1. You choose the package you want to buy and make the payment
  2. Once payment is processed, you will receive a welcome and confirmation email. Within the message, you will find the link to the control panel and the login details.
  3. Click on the link that takes you to the control panel
  4. The first time you log in to the mSpy login control panel, you must choose what kind of device you will be monitoring. If you choose no jailbreak, you continue with the detailed steps using the iCloud account and start using the functions limited to this type of option.
  5. If you choose the option with jailbreak, you will receive a detailed instruction on how to install mSpy on your particular cell phone, whether it is Android, iPhone or BlackBerry.

How to download mSpy and install it

The steps to install the application are not very complicated:

  1. First you have to go to the Settings option in the cell phone and then security. Activate the option to install “unknown source” applications.
  2. The mSpy apk download link is located in the control panel, it can be accessed from the same phone or sent from another device.
  3. After downloading, follow the installation steps, which are simple.
  4. Once the application is opened, the terms of use are accepted. You must choose who you want to monitor, within the options of employee, child or others. In this step you can choose if the application icon will remain active in the cell phone, which is not recommended.
  5. A dialog screen will open, which must be accepted.
  6. You must enter the registration code, which can be found in the control panel.
  7. The installation is complete and the cell phone must be restarted. After a few minutes, the information will be sent to the control panel. The monitoring is now available.

What is the cost of mSpy

mSpy offers one of the most flexible packages, both in price and time. The license can be purchased for one month, three months or twelve months. The longer the paid license, the cheaper the package will be, in relation to the price per month. The application offers the possibility to download mspy for free and to make a free trial, which lasts seven days. For one week, you can try all the functions of mSpy free full.

The first option is the basic package, which costs $29.99 for one month, and $99.99 for twelve months. As its name suggests, it presents the most basic functions of the application. The second option is the Premium Package, which ranges from $69.99 to $199.99. This option already has all the functions available. Finally, there is the family kit. This is the most expensive option, and in addition to providing all the functions, it allows you to monitor 3 devices simultaneously. This option can only be purchased for six or twelve months, with a value of USD 359.97 and USD 497.97 respectively.


mSpy app is the best spy application available on the market. If you put the positive and negative points on a scale, the benefits are clearly greater. Furthermore, it is difficult to find any downsides, except for the moral and ethical issues that are common to all spy apps. The mSpy opinions are very positive.

A long list of features, compatibility with all devices, easy to install and use. mSpy is synonymous with quality within spyware applications and you will certainly get the results you expect.