Spy Bubble Review

The market for spying applications has become increasingly large in recent years. The demand was growing, and proportionally, the supply. The advancement of technology has become so commonplace in people’s lives that every individual, even the youngest children, has a cell phone within reach.

The reasons why people need to spy on other people’s activity can be several: parents who want to observe their youngest child’s activity, company bosses who are forced to monitor their employees’ actions during the work shift, a couple who are suspicious about an infidelity and want to take action, or the simple curiosity that human beings have by nature.

Returning to the app market, the range of offers is open, and that brings both positive and negative points. While you can choose from several options, it becomes more complicated to know which is a good app, and which is a bad one. In addition, there is a risk of lying applications, which actually get into a cell phone to steal data from the person. Among the options available, Spy Bubble is one of the best spy applications.

What is SpyBubble

SpyBubble is a monitoring application that allows you to spy on the activities of a cell phone remotely. It offers the main functions of this type of app, such as call and text message history, web browsing history, GPS location and others, which will be detailed later. All the information can be seen in a control panel, which stores all the data in different categories and is easy to navigate.


SpyBubble is compatible with Android and iOS, adding reports that it works with BlackBerry and Symbian. The application is easy to use, and at the time of installation, the steps are well detailed. A key feature is discretion: once installed on the cell phone, the application becomes invisible and it is impossible for the person being monitored to know.

This application offers the option of spying without jailbreak, that is, without modifying the cell phone. On iPhone, it is enough to have the iCloud account data in order to start the monitoring. This is very important, since many of its competitors do not allow this function.

Spy Bubble features

Once the Spy Bubble service license is purchased, the application will be automatically updated if there are new features. At the moment of installing this application, the available spying options are:

  • Call monitoring: it allows to observe all the calls of the cell phone, both emitted and received. In addition, the complete information is detailed: who was spoken to, at what time and for how long.
  • Recording of the environment: the microphone can be activated remotely to capture the sound of the environment and listen to what is around, such as conversations close to the cell phone.
  • Text messages: all the information regarding text messages is available, both from your own and other people’s messages. Even messages deleted from the cell phone will be available in the control panel.
  • Restriction alerts: A special feature of SpyBubble, which allows you to customize certain restrictions. If they are violated, an alert will be sent to the control panel. For example, if contacts are modified or if an inappropriate site is accessed.
  • GPS Tracking: the application allows you to know the real location through the cell phone GPS. It creates a map of the last 48 hours, to monitor the places you visit and how long you stay there. It even works when the GPS is turned off.
  • Access to social networks: any social network that is used, whether it is WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Snapchat or other. All information will be stored and can be analyzed at any time.
  • Mobile Gallery: all multimedia files, such as photos, videos, audios and notes, are accessed.
  • Navigation history: all the websites that are visited will be registered.
  • E-mail box: you can spy on all the e-mails and the information they contain

SpyBubble has some additional features, such as access to the calendar and all scheduled events; the ability to block certain applications; and the use of remote commands, which allow you to modify the phone without physically touching it and from anywhere, you can block unwanted activity or delete information from the phone.

Spy Bubble compatibility

SpyBubble works with all major devices, and has had no complaints about compatibility issues. However, the full list of compatible software is not available. Within the known data, it works with:

  • Android: compatible with all versions of Android 4, 5, 6, up to 7.0.
  • iOS: compatible with all versions from 6 to 8.4. Also available for versions 9 and 9.1, only with jailbreak.

It can also be used on Windows, BlackBerry and Symbian, although the specific compatibility data has not been released so far.

How SpyBubble works

Spy Bubble is easy to use. Once installed, all the information of the monitored cell phone activities are sent to the control panel in real time. The interface of the control panel is not complicated, it has a user-friendly orientation so that any person, expert or not in technology, can easily understand how to use it. In case an update is needed, the application is programmed to do it automatically, so the user doesn’t have to worry about that.

The installation process is not complicated, and can be summarized in the following steps:

  1. You visit the SpyBubble website and choose the license to pay, which is purchased for 12 months and comes in two packages available.
  2. Once you have paid, you will receive an email with the link to download Spy Bubble and the control panel login details
  3. The installation process is carried out, which is not difficult and each step is well detailed so as not to suffer any inconvenience.
  4. You enter the control panel with the data that are in the email and performs an initial configuration only once.
  5. The process is now complete, and you can start monitoring from the control panel.

The installation process has certain differences depending on which device will work. On iPhone, there are two options: the first one does not need physical access to the phone nor a jailbreak, since the application is not installed on the cell phone, but the iCloud account credentials are used. Knowing this data, you can spy on the cell phone, but only the most basic functions will be available. The second option already presents the full operation of the application, and requires physical access to the device. A jailbreak is performed and SpyBubble is installed.

Something similar happens in Android, but in both cases you need to access the cell phone that will be spied on. The installation takes approximately five minutes, and can be used without any requirement to have the basic functions. To fully experience all the functions of the application, a root is required.

In both cases, after performing the whole process, any evidence that a modification was made to the cell phone can be hidden, and the application icons disappear. Discretion is assured with SpyBubble.

SpyBubble Price

Spy Bubble offers two license packages. The first is the standard package, which has a value of $49.95 for one year. It offers basic features such as call and text message history, GPS location, email access and more. The second option is the Spy Bubble Pro, a premium package that costs $84.90 per year and brings all the features that the application offers.

As payment methods, SpyBubble can be paid through PayPal, or with Visa, MasterCard, and other credit cards. This way, the customer can be confident that the transaction will be safe and reliable.

Compared to its competitors, Spy Bubble offers two peculiar features: the license can only be paid for one year, while other spy applications usually offer 1 month, 3 months and 12 months packages. At the same time, the price of SpyBubble is one of the most accessible in the market, which is a more than positive point in its favor.

SpyBubble Free

One of the features offered by the application is the free download through a SpyBubble APK, for the user to test its features and send opinions and critics. In order to improve its operation, the company offers the possibility of enjoying SpyBubble free for a limited time.

Positive and negative points of SpyBubble
By doing a deeper analysis of SpyBubble, several positive and some negative points can be found.

Benefits of SpyBubble

– Unlimited installation – With the purchase of a single license, SpyBubble allows you to monitor more than one device simultaneously. This results in an extremely positive cost-effectiveness balance if you want to spy on more than one cell phone. Most competitors offer the possibility to spy on more than one cell phone, but not at the same time. In those cases, you have to deactivate one device and activate another.
– Refund Policy – While most spy applications have a short refund period, which generally lasts between 10 and 20 days, SpyBubble has the widest margin in the market, expanding to 60 days. Within a two-month period, customers can experiment with the application and determine if it meets their expectations. If not, they can request a full refund.
– Annual Subscription – This application offers its two packages for 1 year at a more than affordable price. Compared to other spy software, it usually offers more expensive monthly licenses than the annual Spy Bubble.

Negative Points

SpyBubble has some minor deficiencies:
– Features not available – some features are not available on your devices, such as access to Facebook.
– Keylogger – SpyBubble does not feature the Keylogger option, which allows you to record all the buttons you press on the screen and discover passwords and PINs.
– Battery Usage – If constant monitoring usage is maintained, the battery level of the cell phone or device being used for spying will start to decrease rapidly.
– Cost of support – This is without a doubt the biggest downside of SpyBubble. Customer support is not free, but when using it, $10 is requested on a priority basis. In contrast, your competitors’ support is free and more comprehensive.

Legality of Spy Bubble

Spy applications operate under three justifications, all of which are protected by law. The first is to monitor company employees using company-provided cell phones. The second is for parents who wish to monitor their minor children. The last one is to install the application on a device of their own.

If you want to spy on a boyfriend, or try to discover a partner’s infidelity, the responsibility is on the individual, with the risks that can occur. A lawyer can be consulted to minimize the possible dangers and illegality inherent in each country.


Within the market of espionage applications, Spy Bubble is one of the best. Its ease of use and installation, along with the number of features it offers and the cost of the license, make it a highly recommended option. The possibility of spying without jailbreak is another advantage that cannot be missed.

While it has certain negative points, such as some compatibility issues or poor customer support, they are far outweighed by the positive points in an imaginary scale. SpyBubble reviews are positive.

If you’re looking for a spy application that’s easy to use, not too expensive, and has all the required features, SpyBubble is the choice.