Spyera – Review

What is Spyera? Is spyera scam?

Spyera is an application for monitoring the Smartphone, Tablet or PC, which makes it possible for the user to remotely and secretly, track and even control a specific device on which the application has been installed. A type of software that we know very well in EstafaOnline.

The company that manufactures it is based in Hong Kong and markets a product that has many useful features, some of them only present in this Spyera software. As you can see, these are more than enough reasons to want to know more and analyze in a clear and simple way the characteristics of Spyera and the pros and cons of this product.

How does Spyera work?

It is a tracking application that has to be downloaded to the phone, tablet or PC that you want to spy on. The application is the one that collects all the available data, sending it to a secure web account. The data is sent using the available Internet connection. You have some familiarity with other software in your family, such as Mspy.

What are the general features of Spyera?

spyera_featuresThe list of individual features that Spyera has are numerous, but we will comment on the most important ones, also offering a more general version of what this application mainly does.

In 21st century spying, applications often have more than one pricing plan. In this case Spyera has wanted to differentiate itself, it has not wanted to have a “basic” plan with limited features and a “premium” plan with all the available features. Spyera has chosen to offer a plan for tablets, mobiles, PCs and an “all in one” plan that you can use, in all.

It actually makes sense, since most tablets have fewer features that can be monitored if purchased with smartphones or PCs. In all things, keep in mind that its use can be illegal if used for hacking.

Call monitoring in Spyera

The user in Spyera has the ability to monitor the activity of the Smartphone, PC or Tablet where it is installed. You can track incoming and outgoing calls, even showing a record of the dates, times, numbers, names and even the duration of the calls.

In addition to this basic capability, which is standard to most applications on the market today, Spyera makes it possible to listen to live phone calls and record them. This is a feature that puts the brand ahead of the competition, which is why it is one of the main advantages of acquiring it.

It is also possible to set up a notification that makes it possible to know when the numbers we have designated participate in a certain phone call, so it can be listened to or recorded at the time these calls occur.

Recording and listening to the environment with Spyera

Another feature that differentiates it from most applications is the ability to listen and record in the environment of the device itself. Through this function you can use the microphone that incorporates the device, activating it through a secret command that is sent to the device, both manually and programmed. The recordings can be stored and listened to later.

More features of Spyera

Spyera is capable of performing most of the functions expected from a good tracking application, including GPS location tracking, email reading and SMS message capability. It can also track browser history, as well as multimedia tracking.

The application itself makes it possible to control instant messaging chat platforms, including Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, BBM, PIN, WEChat, Hangouts, IMessage, LINE and Yahoo Messenger. As you can see, most instant messaging platforms are included and this is a big plus for Spyera.

Other useful features we can add, include a password sniffer, alert wizard, SMS spoofing and even notification when a SIM card change occurs. Capabilities for controlling the device include automatic updates and access to software features and even remote uninstallation.

What devices is Spyera compatible with?

The compatibility is high, being compatible with Android, Apple, Symbian and Blackberry devices, covering the whole offer in the market.

Spyera available in PC
The possibility of monitoring the PC has recently been added to the mobile phone and tablet. It is designed to be used with both PC and MAC.

How much does Spyera cost?

Spyera is a product that is not exactly affordable. It is among the applications that have a higher price in the market, so this is one of the biggest drawbacks you can have.

The version for Tablet, allows its operation with iPad and Android tablets, with a cost per year of $249. You can also choose 3 and 6 month plans. The version for smartphones has a higher price, specifically 389 dollars a year and you can enjoy it as in the tablets of 3 and 6 month plans.

The PC version is the cheapest and is priced at $99 per year. There is a choice of 3 and 6 month plans, as with the other devices.

As we said before, there is an “all in one” version with which it is possible to use the application on Smartphone, PC and Tablet for a price of 489 dollars a year and 689 euros for two years. Here you decide which one is the most suitable for your needs.

Spyera Applications

Let’s show you some of the practical applications of Spyera:

  • Parental control software: you can control by installing it in your child’s smartphone, tablet or PC his locations, read his mail, chats, check his address book, activity in the browser or in his applications. A software that is the best parental control available today. Protecting children today is complicated, but with this Spyera, you can enjoy powerful monitoring of what they do and where they are
  • Employee monitoring: If you are an owner or employer, managing your employees’ mobile phones, tablets or PCs is likely to be a headache. With Spyera you can control what your employees are doing and whether they are making good use of their time. It’s also useful for keeping track of the possibility of them getting misinformation out of the company. Something especially useful if you work in the area of finance, trend lines, FOREX, etc…

Advantages and disadvantages of Spyera

As every application, it has its strengths and others that are not so strong. After making a deep analysis of the application, here you have our opinion:

  • Advantages spyera
    Spyera as an application has many useful features that few, if any, spying applications currently have on the market. Among its strengths is that it is a product of easy installation and use, working really well. We haven’t been able to notice any major technical problems, so it’s pretty reliable here too.
  • Disadvantages spyera
    The price of Spyera is basically the main drawback we can find. Other competing products are cheaper. Product support is also not what you would expect from this product. There is no live support, neither in chat nor by free phone. It leaves a lot to be desired in its Spanish translations, using Google Translate instead of human translators.

Spyera software conclusions

Doing this analysis of Spyera has helped us to see that it is a pretty good product, being able to offer the customer a series of possibilities that other applications do not have. The price, however, seems high to us. It will depend a lot on the use you are going to give to the application the decision of whether it is worth the purchase or not.

If you need the application, the truth is that we found it simple to use and highly effective, which is a plus for an application that does not disappoint buyers.

On the other hand, they should have taken more care of issues such as support, which frankly is reduced and is not up to what is expected in 2017 of such a product and this price. They should think about renewing this section of the website and modernising it.

We miss a Spanish version where everything is written clearly and not using Google’s translator. We know that the application works really well, but with the price it costs it would have been nice if the translation had been done by a Spanish translator.

These are details that are minimal for those who are interested in the product, but they should be taken more care of if you want to make a good impression on the customer. For the rest, it is an application that more than fulfils what it promises and this is reason enough to take it into account for a future purchase.

Pay attention to our section of Opinions, from there we will continue reviewing this type of key software for security, privacy and prevention of fraud.